Tuesday, July 01, 2008

THE BEST of Desire to Inspire - June Posts

(Desire to Inspire, in existence since January 2007, is the absolute kaleidoscope blog of eye candy featuring renowned photographers and interior designers. Authors Jo, who hails from Brisbane, Australia and Kim from Ottawa, Canada, met via a Flickr group. Jo rents a two-bedroom apartment in Brisbane (where UNFORTUNATELY due to crazy renters rules she's not allowed to paint or put holes in the walls), and Kim recently purchased a 12 ft wide house in Little Italy that needs a TON of work. Jo lives with her husband and his seeing-eye dog Mickey, and Kim lives with her six cats. Jo and Kim buy everything for their homes in thrift shops, eBay or Etsy. A passion and love of beautifully designed rooms of all kinds are featured daily. Recently I corresponded with Kim, who agreed to allow me to feature the best of Desire to Inspire on a monthly basis. So, this is the first featuring their June posts that I found to be exceptionally inspiring. Thanks so much to Kim and Jo for allowing me to do this. I hope you enjoy looking at these photographs and of course, if you want to know or see more, Desire to Inspire also have a great search feature on their site.)

(John Barman)

(Ellen McDermott)

(Kathryn Scott)

(Paul Fortune)

(Green rooms: Better Homes & Gardens and Fino Lainge)

(Summer Thornton)

(Antoine Bootz)

(Tracey Garnet)

(Stephen Shubel)


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  1. Great post Linda - you've chosen a bunch of my fav photos! Thanks for wanting to post a DTI roundup!


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