Friday, July 11, 2008

Dreamt in blue last night and I...

(strutted down the runway, dressed in Fall 2008 Couture)

(Romina Lanaro via; Photographer, Marcio Madeira)

(Christian Dior; Photographer, Alessandro Lucione)

(had artistic talent)

(like Liz Tranvia via Maison Luxe)

(traveled to exotic locations)

(Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru. Source Travel and Leisure)

(Mykonos Theoxenia. Source Design Hotels)

(slept in this room)

(Domino. Source Desire to Inspire)

(stayed at this hotel)

(Hotel Parco dei Principi. Source Marie Claire Maison)

(met extremely talented Photographers)

(John Bendtsen)

(Antoine Bootz)

(and then my mind wandered into flickr land...)

(by JaffacakeJo)

(by KamalH)

(by Paul Green)

(by Phillippe Sainte-Laudy)

(by Blamstur)

(by Crookhaven)

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