Monday, January 19, 2009

Color Inspiration: Yellow

(Supermodel in movement. Source, we heart it.)

(glimmers of yellow sunshine... of a delicious citrusy color. Source, Desire to Inspire.)

(Source, Ru Glamour.)

(Lanvin S/S RTW 2009. Source,

(Source, James Merrell.)

(Yellow over the top! Photography, Greg Kadel.)

(This one is quite comical (check out the glasses on the cat!) Source, Marek and Associates.)

(Purrr....Source, here.)


  1. Loving the third pic down! Never really been a yellow person - maybe the odd lemon coloured undies!! but very inspiring thanks! x

  2. I love yellow - one of my fav colors. J Crew's yellow is amazing. Evertime I see it want to touch whoever is wearing it. Scary but true!

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments!

  4. Believe the top image is Daria Werbowy, shot by Karl Lagerfeld in NYC for Chanel . . .

  5. This is Glamorous: Thanks!


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