Friday, November 06, 2009

Favorite Color Combination - Sarah Klassen/Haute Design

{"A Night in Paris"

Note the deep moonlight in shades of grays and purples and the glowing, golden lights that line the bustling Champs-Elysées...oh, the city of lights...I can see a story here. Perhaps a little shopping in some of the most beautiful shops in the world, followed by dinner and dancing and a lovely, Autumn evening walk...

I have often found that my greatest inspirations come from experiences, feelings, and special memories. Wouldn't it be lovely to translate these emotions, memories and feelings into the home?}

(Source, here.)

(Source, scanned from "Better Homes & Gardens" book.)

(Source, here.)

(Source, Garance.)

(Source, We Heart It.)

(Source, scanned from "Better Homes & Gardens" book.

I would like to thank Sarah from Haute Design for her lovely contribution to this series. Sarah's selection of interior photographs are exquisite and perfectly evoke the feeling of walking along one of the world's most famous landmarks. Bravo!

It is also befitting that we end on such a high note, as this is the final post of this series. I would therefore like to thank all the contributors. It has truly been a pleasure featuring your inspiration to the readers of this blog and for that I thank you for taking additional time in your busy lives for guest blogging here at Simply Seductive!

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  1. exquisite is the exact word to describe this post. absolutely charming! have a beautiful weekend! xo


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