Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Signoff :)

(Happy, happy Halloween weekend to all! I am so happy to report that my followership has increased by 10! Simply Seductive is now at 242! A reminder that you could win a snake-skin clutch, but ONLY if you a FOLLOWER of Simply Seductive; details, HERE. All the very best! Source, Flickr.)

Halloween: Part V {HAPPY HALLOWEEN}

{Welcome to the final part of this week's Halloween-themed posts. It was fun putting together a range of posts in celebration of tomorrow's Halloween. Hope you enjoyed them. Trick or Treat safely!}

(All Sourced from We Heart It.)

(Source, Flickr.)

(Source, This is Glamorous.)

Favorite Color Combination - Plush Palate

{Hi, Crystal here from Plush Palate. While, I'm a neutrals girl at heart, every now and again I like to get out of character with something bright, like orange and blue! I never imagined I'd like orange, but how could you not warm up to the color after seeing it paired with these cool blues? It's simply stunning!}

(Source, Ana_Lee.)

(Source, Flickr.)

(Source, Marcus Ohlsson.)

(Source, Rodney Smith.)

(Source, Norman Jean Roy.)

(Source, Sea of Shoes.)

(Source, Garance Doré. Thank you so very much, Crystal for contributing to the Favorite Color Combination series and for introducing us to this unique color combination. The pairing of these two colors work absolutely beautifully together. Who knew! Well, you did of course and we are very thankful for it! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your color combination wisdom with us.)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween: Part IV {Randomness}

(Source, We Heart It.)

(Source, We Heart It.)

(Source, Flickr.)

(Source, Photographer Will Sanders discovered via Coco+Kelley.)

(Source, Flickr.)

(Source, We Heart It.)

Inspiration: Palm Trees

{Couldn't resist posting this photograph during this week's Halloween-themed series.}

(Source, Flickr.)

Inspiration: Halloween-inspired jewelery

(lovely skull jewelery via

Daily Horoscope: Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces

{Daily horoscope for Thursday, October 29, 2009}

(Capricorn, December 22 to January 20: There's nothing like ambiance. It can make or break a situation -- especially a tender situation that might be leading down an even more tender path. Keeping that in mind, if you have something special to say to someone tonight, don't do it over fast food. It doesn't matter if it's a five-star restaurant, or your very own living room, just make it memorable. And remember, whatever venue you choose, make sure the lighting is right. You'll be able to manage the rest.)

(Aquarius, January 21 to February 18: You love being an individual -- almost as much as you love for other people to notice. So when it's time to shop, you don't typically head for the mall or anywhere else that everyone else goes. You want unique, unusual, one-of-a-kind objects -- whether you're going to wear them, display them, or give them away. So when that friend you'd asked to go shopping raises an eyebrow when you mention where you're off to, don't be put off. Just be sure you drive. They'll love it once you're there.)

(Pisces, February 19 to March 20: No matter where you are, keep your Kleenex handy, and warn your companions that you just might turn into a faucet at any given moment. You're feeling even more nostalgic than usual, and you know it. It's time to stop feeling bad about it. It's lovely to be able to experience emotions that deeply. Just ask any of the other denizens of this planet, most of whom spend far too much time and energy trying to hide what's going on behind the surface. Horoscope via Marie Photograph source, Flickr.)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween: Part III {Cuteness}

(Source, Flickr.)

(Source, Flickr.)

(Source, We Heart It.)

(Source, We Heart It.)

(Source, Flickr.)

(Source, Flickr.)

Destination: Brazil

{Apologies in advance for the length of this post, but I think you will agree with me that the photography is absolutely amazing. More importantly, however, is the stunning selection of no less than nine exquisite "casas"; 1-3 bedroom houses built and decorated in collaboration with local artisans. This piece of paradise is located in a remote stretch of Brazil’s Bahian coastline in an enchanting fishing village called Trancoso. Do enjoy!}

(Source, UXUA Casa Hotels via An Indian Summer.)

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