Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Blue Notes

(Source, Fashion Titbits.)

(Source, Photographer Wendy Bevan via We Heart It.)

(Source, Photographer Sharyn Cairns discovered via Kika Reichert.)

(Source, The City Sage.)

(Gemma Ward by Paolo Roversi, Vogue Italy 2005; Editorial, An Attitude. Source, here.)

(Source, Flickr.)

(Source, We Heart It.)

(from a previous post.)


  1. love that 3rd pic- yummm!

  2. So soooo pretty!

    J'adore your blog :-)


  3. Gorgeous post!! Happy New Year! XX

  4. This is just beautiful! I really love the mood and all in image 05 -- that necklace is stunning.

    xo, Sarah

  5. Hi ladies,

    Your comments are really, really appreciated. Thank you! I personally love the first and third images. Sarah, I love the necklace as well. Thanks for pointing it out! Happy New Year to you as well, Pink Lemonade {love that name}. Thanks, JMay... hope you return soon. Sasha, nice to hear from you again and for your other comment re: Fendi bag!

    Take care, xoxo


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