Monday, December 13, 2010

GKhair Giveaway - The Winners are...

* Marion Cotillard via This is Glamorous.

{No. 2 (Caroline Cregan) and No. 23 (Kammi Kalei Koza). Congratulations, ladies.  GKhair will be contacting you shortly! {p.s. Kammi, please send me your coordinates at}  Thanks to all who participated.  Stay tuned for Part II of the GKhair giveaway which will take place sometime in January, 2011!)


  1. I just wanted to tell you that I completely agree with your support of Meatless Mondays. Oddly enough I have been a vegetarian since birth, not something that was imposed by my family (there is no rhyme or reason). I don't think that everyone should go veg, but not eating meat one day a week would definitely make people more aware their reliance to it being on their plates.

  2. Thanks Paper Ice Cream, I have been a vegan since last March and will never eat meat again. Agree, it is not for everyone, yet a little less meat goes a long way!

    Hope you have a wonderful evening.

    Linda, xo

  3. I didn't get to say thank you the other day, but thank you!! I'm so excited to get their products in the mail. Winning the giveaway really brightened up my day!
    Hope you're having a lovely holiday season and thanks again for your generosity.


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