Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Canadian Fashion Inspiration {Orange by Angela Chen}

{Oh my! To think I missed out on viewing this collection first hand! Unfortunately, I had too many obligations at work. Reviews are in and Orange by Angela Chen's F/W 10 collection is creating quite a stir. What's not to love. Organza, draping, asymmetrical cuts, bell sleeves and use of ribbon ties are all examples of how the designer put her stamp of femininity and simplicity in classics that will endure with time, making this collection worth investing in. On a side note, one Canadian daily noted that Vogue Italia was represented in the audience! Well done, Ms. Chen!}

(Source, The Star.)

Inspiration: {Lingerie}

{Seriously adore this little number...}

(Source, Carine Gilson via Net-a-Porter.)

Lovely and Unrelated

(Source, Sarah Klassen Haute Design)

(Source, Décor de Provence.)

Spotlight: Abby Try Again Photography

(Source, Abby Try Again.)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Editorial: Oh So Coco

{adore her enthusiasm and animation before the camera!}

(Source, Coco Rocho by Chris Nicholls for Flare April 10 via Fashion Gone Rogue... cover photograph, here.)

Inspiration: {Chanel Lipstick}

{have always and always will be crazy, crazy in love with Chanel's lipsticks. Especially love 'aura', which is the softest shade of pink, yet not too pale. Do you have a favourite?}


Inspiration: Quotes

("Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light" ~ Hellen Keller via @soultravelers3. Source, Keira Knightley by Roberto D'Este.)

Canadian Fashion Inspiration {Greta Constantine}

{Extremely wearable structured yet feminine pieces from Greta Constantine's F/W 10 line by designers Greta and Ezra Constantine.}

(Source, Fashion Magazine; Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani. Backstage pictures of models wearing shattered glass pieces, photography by Angela Y. Martin}

Canadian Fashion Inspiration {IZMA}

{a strong debut line from designers Izzy Camilleri and Adrian Mainella who are positioning their line as green and sustainable, in both their use of wild furs and the material’s inherent heirloom qualities... gorgeous craftsmanship!}

(Source, Fashion Magazine; Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani.)

Editorial: What's White Now

(Source, Heidi Mount and Jessica Stam by Peter Lindberg via Models.)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Inspiration: {Summer Sunshine}

{dreaming of summer sunshine and sunlight... p.s. trying a different format, which I plan to use to feature flickr finds... let me know if you like it}

(Source: 1.Flickr , 2. here, 3. Flickr, 4. Flickr.)

Noteworthy Cover

(Source, FGR.)

Inspiration: {Sequins}

(Source, Elisa Sednaoui by Laura Sciacovelli for Marie Claire Italy April 10 via here.)

Inspiration: {Natalia + Paolo}

{Gorgeous photography, once again}

(Source, here.)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Signoff :) + Earth Hour

(Feeling more energetic and light since becoming a vegan (2 weeks now), off to buy some pantry supplies to house all my new grains, etc. Don't forget Earth Hour is at 8:30 p.m., local time. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and see you again on Monday. Source, here discovered via the ever inspiring Dress, Design & Decor. {p.s. more of this editorial to come in a future post! Also, FYI, this is my 1000th post!!}

Friday, March 26, 2010

Blog It Forward

{a collection of interiors sourced from a new-to-me wonderfully inspiring blog, Aubrey Road.}

(Source, Aubrey Road.)

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