Sunday, March 17, 2013

Inspiration: {Pretty in Pink ~ A Lovely Tumblr}

* hello and happy Sunday morning... after months and months of an incredibly fast paced work environment {which unfortunately doesn't appear to be relenting anytime soon}, selling our family home and planning all the decor elements of an unfinished condo, which I am happily {almost} settled into, am finally and incredibly excited to resume blogging and connecting with all of you once again... have fallen completely for the images of this post, feeling girly and pretty in pink this still cold March morning...
~ all images from the lovely and talented photographer, Emily Faulstich who lives in Cape Town, South Africa, the talent behind the incredible inspirational tumblr, Hawaiian Coconut.

p.s.  am getting myself re-acquainted with blogger and all the technical aspects of reviving this blog... there will be hiccups, for which I apologize in advance, xo

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  1. So glad you are back to posting. :)

  2. Such a pretty pink post! Lovely soft and feminine images and perfect for a grey Monday here in Seattle :)


  3. Such gorgeous images - love the flowers!!

  4. Love that pink top in the first photo! That would be a good addition to my closet :)


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